Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rubik's Cube World Championship in Budapest in October

Puzzlers seek Rubik's glory
The Press Association
Hungary is hosting the world Rubik's Cube championship, where the most nimble participants will be vying to beat the world record time for solving the puzzle - 9.86 seconds - which is barely a tenth of a second slower than the world men's 100 metres sprinting record.

There will be 17 separate events, one of which is a race to complete the Cube while blindfolded. Another challenge is to do it using only one hand.

The 9.86 seconds time was set by Thibaut Jacquinot, of France, in May. The event in Hungary is due to attract more than 300 people... more

Hungary to host 4th world Rubik's Cube championship in October
Malaysia Star

Hungary to host fourth Rubik's Cube world championship

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