Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Solve Your Rubik's Cube - Video

Having trouble solving your Rubik's Cube quickly? Tired of watching videos of robots kicking your butt? Me too. The Rubik's robots are all over.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rubik's Revolution Micro Edition with Electronic Keychain Game

Not much of a description, but it looks pretty cool as a post-Christmas gift.

Product Features
  • 6 Electronic games
  • Single & Multiplayer Games
  • Multiple Challenging Levels
  • Batteries Included
  • Electronic Keychain Game

Techno Source Rubik's Revolution

Product Features
  • Electronic game puts a new spin on classic game
  • Features 6 fast-paced games to challenge fast hands and quick minds
  • Made with durable plastic construction
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up Product Description
Techno Source puts a whole new spin on a classic toy. Based on the famous Rubik's Cube, the Rubik's Revolution offers six fast-paced electronic games packed in one cube with lights, sound effects, and increased levels to keep you playing this gadget for hours. Rewarding fast hands and fast thinking, this electronic toy is recommended for all ages 5 and older.

Spin On A Classic Game
Built in the exact shape and size of the original Rubik's Cube, the Rubik's Revolution features six different colored sides -- each with its own game. Unlike the original toy, the sides of this plastic cube don't rotate to solve a single puzzle. Instead, each fixed face of the cube has a lighted button in its center square. When you turn on this electronic toy, the talking cube asks you to press a color button for one of the six games. This robotic woman's voice also calls out the colors and gives you your score at the end.

6 Fast-Paced Games
"Light Speed" requires you to turn off the lighted cube lights as they pop up. The faster you can do it the greater the challenge and the better your score will be. In "Rapid Recharge" it's your mission to light up the entire cube at once -- and quickly -- before the squares fade out.

Like the memorable game of Simon, "Pattern Panic" challenges you to memorize and repeat a growing sequence of lights. Logic and reason could help you crack the secret code in "Code Cracker," while "Cube Catcher" is a race against the clock to turn off as many lights as possible. Last but not least, "Multiplayer Madness" lets you compete against your friends. Passing the cube back and forth, you have to turn the lights off faster and faster before time runs out. The last player not eliminated is the winner.

Fun, Easy, and Addictive
Caution: this fun cube game may be addictive. While the hard plastic cube holds up to heavy use, including the occasional fall as players pass it back and forth in "Multiplayer Madness," the holographic colored squares can start peeling back without much effort. If this happen, kids should ask their parents to glue or tape the squares back down. While the Rubik's Revolution is easy to learn -- mastering the toy is another story. But unlike the classic Rubik's Cube, which isn't for everyone, just about anybody can and will get better and better at this game with a little practice.

Product DescriptionTest your speed and smarts with this new spin on the world's #1 cube game.
An electronic version of the best-selling Rubik's Cube

Multiple challenging levels

  • 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games in one
  • Games include Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Code Cracker, Multiplayer Madness and Cube Catcher
  • Features lights and sound effects
  • Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another
  • Take your cube concentration to the next level – but watch out, you may not be able to put it down!

Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young children.

Jello Rubik's Cube

No, we have not found one. We're looking.

How could we make one? Is it possible to create a stable cube made from Jello Brand Gelatin?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Rubik's Cube Terminator, Eric & Ernie do Atari, and the Facebook News Network

Huh? All of this together? I had to check it out, and think you might find it interesting too. In this case, just Rubik's Cube solved by none other than Megatron's much more creepy and evil cousin.

A couple more videos on odd stuff at the Guardian

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rubik's Cube Solved by Japanese 16-year-old in 10.88 Seconds

Rubik's Cube Solved in 10.88 Seconds

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A 16-year-old took the top prize at the Rubik's Cube world championship Sunday, solving the puzzle five times in an average of 12.46 seconds.

But the fastest single attempt was a cool 10.88 seconds, just off the world record of 9.86 seconds.

Yu Nakajima of Japan won the main event for twisting the classic 3x3 cube — which has nine colored tiles on each on its six sides — into the winning position, where all like-colored tiles are on the same face.

Andrew Kang of the United States, who came in second for the main event, set the best time for a single attempt at the championship. The world record has been held by Thibaut Jacquinot of France since May. more

read about Rubik's Cube, its inventor, and buy products

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rubik's Cube World Championship in Budapest in October

Puzzlers seek Rubik's glory
The Press Association
Hungary is hosting the world Rubik's Cube championship, where the most nimble participants will be vying to beat the world record time for solving the puzzle - 9.86 seconds - which is barely a tenth of a second slower than the world men's 100 metres sprinting record.

There will be 17 separate events, one of which is a race to complete the Cube while blindfolded. Another challenge is to do it using only one hand.

The 9.86 seconds time was set by Thibaut Jacquinot, of France, in May. The event in Hungary is due to attract more than 300 people... more

Hungary to host 4th world Rubik's Cube championship in October
Malaysia Star

Hungary to host fourth Rubik's Cube world championship

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Robot vs. Rubik’s cube - video

Robot vs. Rubik’s cube
Anyone think they can beat this robot’s record?
» See how fast

Search more Rubik's Cube videos on Yahoo's video section.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

3-Year-Old Solves Rubik's Cube in 114 seconds

Amazing, isn't it? I was at least in preschool when I solved it.

For those of you still doing the math, 114 seconds is 1:54. The video has a brief intro, and lasts 2:43.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get a Pop Culture T-Shirt or Mug

We love a good laugh, but so do the good and crazy people at CafePress. You can make just about any kind product to wear. Even dog clothing. Whatever your inclination, they got the T-shirt, hat or mug for you. Politics, hobbies, smarmy statements about life - all here.

Rubik's Ice Cube - Drop Rubik Into Your Drink

Winning Moves Rubik's Ice Cube
Got a friend you want to impress?
Going to a chess club luncheon, and want to fit in?
Want to add a sense of art (cubism, naturally) to the everyday business meeting?

  • Twist it, turn it, solve it. The Rubiks Ice Cube is a 2x2 mini-cube.
  • A fully functional Rubik's cube with an icy look and a "frozen" base.
  • This ice cube will tantalize you with millions of combinations, but only one solution.
  • Best of all...this cube won't melt!
  • Ages 8 to adult.

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.4 x 2.8 inches ; 1.6 ounces
Our Recommended Age: 8 - 99 years
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 8 - 99 years

Product Description
This 2x2 Rubik's Ice Cube version of the Rubik's cube puzzle is so cool, it's hot! Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can match up the colors the quickest with Rubik's Ice Cube. A 2x2 Rubik's Cube is easier to solve making it perfect for challenging friends to beat your best time. The Rubik's Ice Cube includes an iceberg stand to display your magnificent achievement.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens Starts a Rubik´s Revolution(TM) at Toys "R" Us Times Square

High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens Starts a Rubik´s Revolution(TM) at Toys "R" Us Times Square

NEW YORK, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanessa Hudgens, solo recording artist and star of High School Musical and High School Musical 2, will be at Toys "R" Us Times Square today to launch electronic toy and game maker Techno Source's Rubik's Revolution(TM), the first electronic follow-up to the iconic Rubik's(R) Cube. Vanessa will be joined by her father, Greg Hudgens, for a pre-Father's Day celebration to unveil this highly anticipated game that brings the classic puzzle from Greg's generation into Vanessa's world. The Rubik's Revolution is currently available exclusively at Toys "R" Us stores nationwide and will be available at other major retailers this summer for $19.99.

Hailed by toy industry leaders and praised by visitors at this February's American International Toy Fair in New York City, the electronic Rubik's Revolution puts a new spin on cubing while capturing the essence of the original 3x3 cube.

"Rubik's Revolution is truly innovative. It's rare that a follow-up can match or even surpass the original in respect to creativity, game play, and fun, but Techno Source has developed a product that achieves this feat," says Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of Toy Wishes magazine.

Featuring voice, lights and sound effects, the Rubik's Revolution offers at least six built-in games (Light Speed(TM), Rapid Recharge(TM), Pattern Panic(TM), Cube Catcher(TM), Code Cracker(TM), and Multiplayer Madness(TM) that challenge both players' minds and dexterity. It even includes multi- player functions, allowing parents and kids to play together.

At the Toys "R" Us event, kids, fathers and families will experience the Revolution first-hand and have a chance to test their skills against Vanessa and her dad. Vanessa will also host a special presentation to unveil Rubik's Revolution at 1:30 p.m. A private autograph signing will follow where special ticket holders will have a chance to meet Vanessa and get her autograph. In- store contests and activities will kick off at 1 p.m. and continue through 4 p.m.

"My father and I are happy to be together in New York City today launching the Rubik's Revolution and getting an early start to our Father's Day celebration!" says Vanessa Hudgens. "We look forward to competing against each other in cube contests and interacting with other father/child teams at Toys "R" Us Times Square." Vanessa is coming off a High School Musical Latin America tour and will be starring in this summer's much-anticipated High School Musical 2.

"Since Rubik's Cube was introduced in 1980, it has sold nearly 300 million pieces, making it an obsession, not to mention a pop icon, recognized around the world," says Eric Levin, Executive Vice President of Techno Source. "We're excited to have rising 21st century pop star Vanessa Hudgens help us introduce the Rubik's Revolution to a new generation of Rubik's fans."
For more information about the new cube and its various game options, visit or .
RUBIK'S(R) and RUBIK'S(R) CUBE are registered trademarks of Seven Towns Ltd. Used under license.

About Techno Source
One of the fastest growing companies in the toy business, Techno Source is a privately held company headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in New York. The company is committed to delivering high-quality electronic toys, games and learning aids featuring top-tier licensed brands at aggressive price points. Its award-winning branded product portfolio includes Intellivision(TM), Bee(R) & Bicycle(R) (U.S. Playing Card Company), Activision, Warner Bros. Consumer Products (Scooby-Doo(TM), Batman Begins(TM), Teen Titans(TM), The Batman(TM)), Marvel, NASCAR(R), Sesame Street (R), Rubik's(R) and Crayola(TM).Techno Source
CONTACT: Linda Krebs, +1-212-725-4500, ext. 339,, orDebbie Grunbaum, +1-212-725-4500, ext. 326, , bothfor Techno Source; or Bob Friedland of Toys "R" Us, +1-646-366-8862,
Web site:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tired of the Free Wheelin' 3x3? Try Rubik's 4x4.

Rubik's 4x4

Do you feel like the 3x3 is boring. You've figured it, and now it is about hand-speed and well-lubed joints. Big deal. You want it to be a mental challenge.

The 4x4 takes it up a notch.

From the Manufacturer
The 4x4 requires different moves to solve tha the original 3x3, and it's more challenging!

Product Description
Squares beware! Theres a new cube in town, and its tough as ever. Not necessarily harder than the original Rubiks Cube, this 4 x 4 version takes different techniques to master. It also comes with international flag decals, and a hints and solutions book. For 1 player.

Product Features
  • Contains: 1 4x4 Rubik's Cube and Solution Hints book.
  • 3-D Puzzle
  • Another stimulating Rubik's challenge

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weird Rubik's Cube Product of the Week: SudoKube, Sudoku, Extra Large, 3D Puzzle

SudoKube, Sudoku, Extra Large, 3D Puzzle

What if Miss Sudoku met Mr. Rubik? What if they had a child together? Oolala!

There's the Sudokube for you. A little of each, with matching DNA to boot.

This mind-bending, 3D Sudoku challenge comes with two puzzle solutions with thousands of ways to solve, plus tips and how-to-play instructions.Ready for the ultimate brain teaser? This new concept in cube game play comes from Product Creations. of mind numbing, brain teasing fun. Get all the numbers back into their original configuration to solve the puzzle. The ULTIMATE number puzzle game!

  • Unique Sudokube concept
  • Challenge friends, family and colleagues
  • Extra Large, 6 nine number faces to solve
  • Can only be solved in one way
Sudokube, a Rubik’s Cube with a Sudoku Flavor
Coolest Gadgets, UK - Mar 16, 2007
If you’re passionate about Sudoku, but the Sudoku Toilet Roll was too much for your taste, I’m sure you’ll dig the Sudokube, a mash up between a Rubik’s ...

Weird and Wild Rubik's Cube Things

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Funky Rubik's Cube puzzle - Rubik's Twist

Rubik's Twist

Have you seen this? It is a tricky bit of a puzzle. It is not terribly difficult to solve as far as shape is concerned (not so easy either), but the challenge lay in getting the patterrn as well.

Once the standard Rubik's Cube has gotten routine, this is a way to follow up the fun.

According to the description given:
"Product Description: A twisting puzzle challenge that takes the form of thousands of shapes. Solve one shape and move onto another - or devise your own creation to defy your friends. Rubik's Twist - it'll charm you!"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Barry White or Rubik's Cubic (Music for the Total Geek)

For the committed fan, the one who needs to have background music as he (or she -- we're cool) conquers the cube, there's this funky CD. It'll run you $20-25 on Amazon.

We're not saying it is the best thing to buy. Face it fellow geeks and nerds, you might do your dating life a little better if you left this one on the shelf when she comes by for a visit.

Instead, whip out a Barry White CD.

Either way, a copy of this will impress your friends. How it will impress them is a question, but for the Doctor Who camp, this might be the delicious oddball gift you never knew existed.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith 1967 - 2007 - A Rubik Fan Mourns

Rubik's Cube fans were fans of Anna Nicole Smith. May she rest in peace with all colors aligned.

Anna Nicole Smith 1967 - 2007

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Rubik's Cube and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)

Rubik's Cube fans range from young and small, sophisticated to nerdy, kids to grandparents. Hayy Potter fans falls into a similar amazing range.

Hot and hitting the shelves soon will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) . Every kid, including you grown-up sorts, will be on this, as will be their parental counterparts.

How about pre-ordering a copy?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Anja Rubik's Cube?

Trying to dutifully blog the happenings regarding Rubik's Cube, with a respect toward's its inventor, I discovered that there is more than one Rubik making the news.

Anja Rubik is a model. She's the sort whose photo hits the cover of Vogue and fan sites across the internet. She's no Shilpa Shetty, who is famous by more than the virtue of beauty, but acting and personal charisma as well. Instead, Ms. Rubik is a runway model. Pencil thin with a classic model's tall height - 1.79 meters (5'10").

Born in 1983 in Poland, she went to a British high school in Paris. Still no word on her relationship to the cube. It seems unlikely, but until I read one way or another, I am unwilling to say with certainity.
  • 10
  • Allure
  • CitizenK
  • Exit
  • French
  • Harpers Bazaar
  • ID
  • Muse
  • NY Times Style Magazine
  • Numero
  • Vogue

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rubik's Cube In the News

Rubik's Cube is in the news, but, for as much publicity it has received of late, I would think more would be out there. One result includes Anja Rubik. A relation? A later post will answer that.

Results 1 - 10 of about 293 for rubik. (0.29 seconds)

Rubik's Cube toys with us again
Newsday, NY - Jan 23, 2007
But only the Rubik's Cube is featured in "Happyness," in which Smith's character solves a cube during a cab ride with a Dean Witter executive he is trying ...

Strange twist: Low-tech Rubik's Cube is back in high-tech world
Flint Journal, MI - Jan 23, 2007
Hasbro Inc., which distributes the Rubik's Cube, said sales were up 73 percent in 2005 and are expected to be up an additional 80 percent this year. ...

Hilary Rhoda Named New Face of Estee Lauder
PR Newswire (press release), NY - Jan 26, 2007
In addition to Hilary, Estee Lauder's current models - Elizabeth Hurley, Carolyn Murphy, Liya Kebede, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anja Rubik -- will continue to ...
Hilary Rhoda the new face of Estee Lauder
South Asian Women's Forum
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'Ambition Facing West:' A Study in Fortitude
Hollister Free Lance, CA - Jan 26, 2007
... (or fingers to PC) to write "Ambition Facing West," he was either in split personality mode or solving a Rubik's Cube puzzle, or both, simultaneously. ...

Dananananaykroyd: What's In A Nanananayme?
Gigwise, UK - Jan 26, 2007
Trail of Dead, At the Drive-In and Jetplane Landing stuck in a Rubik’s cube with Vishnu for a playmate. Spawned from the same Glasgow scene that gave us the ...

Rubik's Cube MP3 player has puzzling design
Sci Fi Tech, NY - Jan 18, 2007
This doesn't have to be a competition — not if you had an MP3

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Will Smith: Pursuit of Happyness

The recent movie Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith has spurred interest in Rubik's Cube. Based on the inspiring story of redemption - a true story - by Chris Gardner.

While I remember the early days when methods of speedplay were yet uninvented, I hope this boost increases awareness for this fun toy. As a child, trying to figure it out, I think it helped focus my thinking, provide me a basis for strategic thought, and helped me see that if I stick with a problem, I might just solve it.

As Fat Albert would say, "Hey hey hey!"

Will Smith
A heartwarming film that demonstrates how good, hard-working people can become homeless almost overnight, Pursuit of Happyness is a tour-de-force showcase for Will Smith, who convincingly portrays a down-and-out dad trying to better his family's life. Smith, who usually is cast in effortlessly boyish roles (Men in Black, Independence Day), is wonderful in the film--even in the scenes that shamelessly tug at viewers' heartstrings. Based on the true-life story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman forced at times to shelter his young son (played by Smith's adorable look-alike offspring Jaden Smith) in a men's room, there is little suspense to the film in terms of Chris' outcome. (His story and eventual success a successful and wealthy Chicago businessman was well-publicized on the newsmagazine show 20/20.) And let's face it, Hollywood's not too keen on making feel-good movies with unhappy endings. The beauty (and suspense, to a certain extent) of this film is in the way the story is told. Though he is constantly rushing around to get to appointments and pick up his child, things do not happen quickly for Chris. When he accepts an internship with a prestigious stock brokerage firm, there's a catch: The position is unpaid, suitable more for trust-fund children than single parents with no other source of income. In many scenes, the viewer panics along with Chris, wondering how he's going to feed his child. While Smith and his son, Jaden, share many tender moments together, Thandie Newton has the thankless role of playing Chris' shrill wife, who deserts her family early in the film. It's not a particularly challenging part for the talented actress, and her departure doesn't impact the storyline much at all. As for the movie's misspelled title, it's inspired from a scene in the film. (Seeing a mural drawn by the children at a daycare center, Chris points out to the proprietor that "happiness" is spelled incorrectly. She notes that it doesn't matter how the word is written--just that the kids have it.) With Pursuit of Happyness, Smith has come out of his safety zone and, in turn, ends up playing his most heroic role to date.
Jae-Ha Kim

Are You Serious About Rubik's Cube?

Looking for that obscure version of Rubik's Cube?

We're not saying we understand all of these products, but there they are. Books, cheats, other related games, themed-cubes. All of it.

Go figure.

Who Invented Rubik's Cube?

Who Invented Rubik's Cube?

Erno Rubik, a lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Budapest, Hungary. He called his invention 'The Magic Cube'.

Rubik invented it in 1974, during the oppressive Communist rule over Hungary. It wasn't produced until 1977 by Politechnika, a Hungarian toy company. Ideal Toys brought the toy into major production in September of 1978. In 1979, Seven Towns Ltd., a London-based company, worked with Ideal to market the toy. Finally, in May 1980, Rubik's Cube got its name and started to be exported from Hungary.

What Is It?
A 3x3x3 cube, with a color on each side. The idea is to twist any side to rearrange the colors so that each is left with a solid color.

Totally Cube Facts
In 1980, Ideal Toys considered renaming the Magic Cube 'The Gordian Knot'! in honor of Erno Rubik, Rubik's Cube received the name we all know.

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor hosted the Rubik's Cube's launch in America, beginning with a Hollywood party on May 5, 1980.

Over 100 million Rubik's Cubes were sold from 1980-1982.

A fun collectible of 1981 in Britain was a Rubik's Cube showing Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (enjoy some paper Charles and Di dolls)

Among the youngest Cube solvers ever back in 1981 was seven year old Lars-Erik Anderson of Norway. How fast can you go?

Did you know Erno Rubik is Hungarian?

Rubik's Cube

Did you know Erno Rubik is Hungarian?

Is a Hungarian friend of yours having a name day, or would you like to give a little gift with, ahem, a Hungarian twist (we couldn't resist!)? Then maybe a Rubik's Cube is the gift for them. Not only does it offer the same kinds of intellectual challenges as chess and Tetris Worlds, but it also conveniently slips into a bag or purse.

Just over 25 years old, this toy has swept onto the toy shelves for good. It is also recommended as a vacation gift -- it makes a long drive go faster!Now, made popular again in Will Smith's movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, Rubik's Cube is enjoying new fame. Search Rubik's Cube. Need a gift? Try an Amazon gift certificate.